“Super motivated, free spirited,
versatile African artist”

Vimbai Zimuto was born in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Vimbai started music at 6 years old, playing in her school’s percussion band. Her first instrument: a tambourine. Vimbai joined a traditional dance group and the school choir. Playing Mbira at the age of 12, she knew music was her calling. High school: theory and practical study of Music. Member of the high school choir, together they recorded a first music album, ‘Wedding Bells’. Professional life: Vimbai worked in several projects and participated in music programmes.

Vimbai is now based in the Netherlands, doing shows with a.o. Makali sounds, performing solo and in duet or trio. Mostly in Europe, especially in neighbouring Belgium and Germany. The change captures and expresses our vision and commitment to arts development, community, transformation and positive youth development through popular youth culture.