About Vimbai

Vimbai Zimuto was born in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Vimbai started music at 6 years old, playing in her school's percussion band. Her first instrument: a tambourine. Vimbai joined a traditional dance group and the school choir. Playing Mbira at the age of 12, she knew music was her calling.

High school: theory and practical study of Music. Member of the high school choir, together they recorded a first music album, 'Wedding Bells'.

Professional life: Vimbai worked in several projects and participated in music programmes.

Vimbai is now based in the Netherlands, doing shows with a.o. Makali sounds, performing solo and in duet or trio. Mostly in Europe, especially in neighbouring Belgium and Germany.

Professional History

Vimbai worked in several projects and participated in music programmes:

UMOJA CFC In 2006.
Zimbabwe Music Crossroads competitions
(FLAME) Pamberi Trust 'Sisters Open Mic'
Oliver Mtukudzi: 3 years as backing vocalist
World Tours with Oliver Mtukudzi
'Daughters of Africa' tour in the Netherlands

Artistic Skills

Zimbabwean traditional dances that include Dinhe,shangara,mbakumba, chokoto, chinyambera, jerusarema, and muchongoyo respectively

Mbira (traditional Zimbabwean instrument) playing, Drumming, percussion. Vocal and choir training.

Vimbai Zimuto is not just a musician she is a diverse and daring artist with a lot touch in her creations, be it visual, fine, to performance art. Her deeper understanding of art has many definitions of her expressions and strories with a deeper meaning. She is a fearless lioness and has made a mark in her own country because for her boldness.


Lobola- Vimbai Zimuto ft Andy Muridzo

A lil bit more- Vimbai Zimuto ft Trevor Dongo

Huya Undibate- Vimbai Zimuto ft Brian K

Slow- Vimbai Zimuto ft Lady Bee